Dr. Ronel S. Solis Castillero, President

Ronel holds a doctorate in International Business Law from the Economic University of
Nagoya-Japan,and is Coordinator of the Law and Political Science Faculty in the regional
Azuero branch of the University of Panama, President of the Las Tablas Red Cross
committee, and researcher at the Institute of Medical Science. In 2011, he won first prize in
the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 6 th annual Ernesto Castillero Pimentel Essay
contest on the theme of commercial diplomacy for national development. In recent years he
has participated in seminars and experiences on diverse topics such as the solar energy
sector development in developing countries (China), start-ups (Israel), European
environmental management and legislation (Italy), and cities, culture and territory
(Nicaragua). He was president of the 7 th annual regional Azuero scientific conference on
“Multiculturalism: a path towards academic excellence and national development” at
University of Panama-Azuero in 2017.