Gabriel Antonio Castillo Batista, Intern

Gabriel Antonio Castillo Batista, was born on September 13 in the year 2000, he is currently 18 years old. His mother’s name was Johanna Aracely Batista Díaz, she was a pharmacist and worked at Chitre’s Hospital pharmacy. His father Oliver Oriel Castillo Gonzalez has worked in public institutions such as Minsa. Nowadays, he is living with his maternal grandmother and his maternal uncle in La Villa de Los Santos and he is a senior of 12th grade at Soyuz Bilingual School; school in which he studied since 2011.

Currently, Gabriel aspires to become a doctor in human medicine and wishes to specialize on cardiology and also become a surgeon. He is applying to medicine faculty in Universidad de Panama, but also he is applying for a complete scholarship for the career in a private college, this scholarship are with the Ifharu. Fun fact is that medicine was not is only choice, he wanted to study gastronomy, but he changed his mind on 7th grade when the class was shown an open heart surgery, he started to like the human anatomy and specially the heart. Since then, he has not changed his mind on becoming a doctor.

Gabriel holds within himself, moral values that has been taught to him by the people that supports him. The Palma Paz family, taught him about the importance of studying and responsibility and honesty, although they are not blood related, they love him as child of their own and have raised him since he was 3 months old. Gabriel counts too with the support of his paternal uncles and his maternal grandparents.