Gricel García, Projects Assistant

Gricel grew up in Pedasí.surrounded daily by the marine environment. She finished her secondary studies at Manuel María Tejada Roca high school, and received an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and Limnology from the University of Panama. She has also supported her family, the Barrios Velasco family, in the collection of signatures to request the 2012 delimitation of the Pablo Barrios Wildlife Refuge and the request for shared management. Over the years she has been involved in diverse environmental activities such as beach cleanups, environmental conservation workshops, academic congresses on marine and coastal issues, and as a university leader and student coordinator for a social work project in Pedasí, which was successful at allowing her to bring diverse socio-ecological activities to her home town. Among her contributions, she has worked on various occasions with fishermen and youth groups in the community. She is currently coordinating a final project on the frequency of Stenella attenuata dolphin sightings in the Pablo A. Barrios and Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuges in Pedasi.