Johanna Durget, Education Coordinator

Johanna has been studying in the International Studies department at the University of Montréal in Canada since 2012 with an emphasis on Political Science in Latin America. She participated in an exchange with the University of Guadalajara in Mexico in the last year of her undergraduate degree, where she developed an interest in studying environmental impact in indigenous and local communities. Born in the French Antilles, Johanna has always lived close to nature and learned from a very young age to live respecting the environment. Also a traveler, Johanna has lived in France, the United States, Canada and Mexico and is trilingual. During her time with a foster family in the United States, she tutored 2 children in French, feeding her interest in education and information exchange. Johanna has worked previously at an eco-hostel in Panama, where she assisted with a reforestation and permaculture project, cementing her interest for the environment and ecotourism. Her interest in learning and acting has led to her work with the Azuero Earth Project.