Nikita Sivakumar, Web and Communications Intern

Nikita Sivakumar is currently a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in the U.S. Over her past years she has had the opportunity to take advanced courses in biology and computer science. Outside of school, she volunteers locally and internationally. She enjoys tutoring fellow students, participating in Relay for Life and frequently helping out at local events. She also writes for her school newspaper, “TJToday”, and attends local Model U.N. conferences, where she can share her opinions about global affairs. Above all, Nikita has always embraced the beauty of nature, and often takes walks around her neighborhood and travels to national parks. She fell in love with AEP, not only because its mission statement reflected her passion to save the environment, but also because the project combined interesting topics she had studied in school. Nikita is excited to contribute to AEP as a Web and Communications Intern.