Timoteo Viel – Reforestation Consultant.

Timo is assisting the AEP team with their reforestation efforts and establishment of a biological corridor on the Azuero peninsula in order to enhance the dry tropical forest

Timo comes to the AEP as a volunteer with Cuerpo de Paz.  Timo is a biologist with many years of experience working on private lands conservation issues in order to address specific resource concerns regarding fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, soil erosion, and invasive species.  His previous conservation efforts included working on conservation projects from Colombia S.A to Alaska. Timo recently retired from his position as regional biologist in California with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and is very excited about this new opportunity to help the AEP with their misión of protecting and restoring dry tropical forest habitats of the Azuero